TOPIC: Building, Developing and Enhancing a Social Network

In this session, Marshall Sponder (Director, Social Media Committee - WAA and Web Analyst -, Elena Haliczer and Jared Freedman (Co-Chairs - Web Analytics Association) will discuss how to determine what the the needs of a community are before building a Social Network - else the Social Network may not work. In this session they will talk about how they're building (and launching) a social network for a professional organization (The Web Analytics Association).

Issues to be examined include:
1) Build you own platform vs.building on top of pre-existing platform like Ning, Facebook, Kickapps, etc.
2) Monetization of content and how to handle it
3) What are the Success Criteria for the Social Network (what does the Social Network promote that would not happen without it - and how do we measure it).
4) Membership (do we want an Open or Closed Social Network - not all Social Networks are meant to be viral and open).
5) What kind of programming is needed? Single Sign-on?
6) Developing a personalized Ad Network vs. using third party solutions from Google, Yahoo and MSN or smaller PPC vendors.
7) Attracting Influentials - what's the structure of the Social Network? How should a Social Network be rolled out based on who the audience is?